The following is a summary of the research on the impact of library media programs on student achievement, along with suggestions for applying this research for education leaders and library media specialists. I wrote this research summary during my tenure as supervisor of library media education for Cobb County School District. Its purpose was to threefold:

  1. To synthesize the findings from dozens of individual studies into a small number of common factors that could help program leaders understand how to increase the impact of their library programs. (All of the research studies were done by others, but I believe that the framework of the four factors listed herein is my own original work.)
  2. To create a summary that was more concise than Scholastic’s “School Libraries Work” (30+ pages) and Lancy & Loertscher’s Powering Achievement (200+ pages.) I wanted to create something that a busy school administrator or elected official could digest in a matter of minutes.
  3. To provide documentation/citation that indicated the overwhelming research evidence for these statements without negatively impacting the readability of the document.

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Library Media Programs and Student Achievement